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Biofuel Sampling

Renewable energy projects that use biogases (such as landfill or digester gas) to fuel power generation equipment often require gas characterization analyses for equipment design specifications and emission factor development.  Our staff has worked closely with equipment manufacturers and laboratories to develop appropriate test methods to measure biogas constituents (ammonia, chlorinated compounds, organosiloxanes) that may affect emissions and performance.

Spill Prevention & Control / Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

Federal Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations specify that a facility that has the capacity to store greater than 1,320 gallons of regulated oil develop and implement a SPCC spill control plan.  Additionally, provisions of the federal Clean Water Act require facilities to apply for storm water discharge permits if the storm water associated with industrial activity is discharged off-site or if runoff from the site could be affected by industrial-related activities.

Indoor Air Sampling

State and federal standards require employers to ensure that  employee exposure to substances for which an exposure standard exists shall not exceed the time-weighted average (TWA) limit, short term exposure limit (STEL) and/or ceiling limit specified for that substance.    Derenzo Environmental has extensive experience in air contaminant sampling and analyses procedures for indoor and process exhaust pollutants.

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Other Compliance Services

Derenzo Environmental offers technical services relating to:

Providing proactive compliance strategies and testing services to the regulated community since 1989.

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